Get the most out of your vehicle


In today's blog at Eastview Chevrolet Buick GMC in Kapuskasing, we share five tips for a reliable, safe and long-lasting vehicle
1. Let your car warm up but not for too long
When a vehicle runs at idle speed, the car takes a long time to warm up and, the oil pressure is not as high as when you are on the road. To ensure a long lasting engine, it is better to let your car warm up for around 30 seconds before hitting the road. Remember not to be too hard on the gas until your engine is warm.
2. Check and top up all fluids
All fluids are important in your vehicle, from the engine oil to the windshield washer fluid. You don't want your windshield to be dirty on the highway when you are following transports. Visibility is always important but it is even more during the winter because there is more hazard. While you are at it, check your coolant, oil and other fluids level.
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3. Check your battery
You want your vehicle to start no matter the weather. When considering the months that the temperature drops below -30 degrees, our vehicles need more "TLC" than people living down south. You can make an appointment today and, one of our technicians will take care of testing your battery!
4. Ensure that you have good and properly inflated tires
We often talk about the importance of having winter tires on your vehicle. It is also crucial to check the tire pressure often. If your tires are not at the right pressure, there will be less contact surface, resulting in less traction. If you are doing lots of highways, we suggest that you check your tire pressure often.
5. Wash your vehicle often
This one is related to the longevity and resale value of your vehicle. Our cars and the sand and salt that are used on our roads are enemies. That's why you don't want your car to be dirty all the time. To prevent rust as well as the look of your paint, wash your vehicle often.
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