In northern Ontario, outdoors, off-roading, and trucks are part of our lifestyle! If being unique, different, and standing out is important to you, choose from our huge Premium Eastview Accessory inventory or take a look at our pre-build custom trucks. PEAK is Eastview's own custom truck brand. PEAK stands for Premium Eastview Accessory Kit. Lift kit, wheels, performance parts, and graphics - we can build exactly what you want in-house. Of course, our parts advisors can guide you in the process. Either you are looking to buy a new truck or already own one, we can accommodate you. Come see us today for all your custom needs!

Performance Parts

Building a PEAK edition truck is not all about aesthetics, we also have performance parts! From an exhaust system to a performance tuner.

Performance intake

Installing a cold air intake could improve gas mileage and truck overall power. Plus, on cold air intakes, filter are reusable and can be cleaned instead of having to replace them.

Performance exhaust

Performance exhaust can free up more power by allowing better air flow, therefore helps your engine to breath better. Plus, it sounds really nice!

Performance tuner

If you are towing a lot or just needs more power, a performance tuner could be the solution. It is possible to alter the shift points so your truck would shift at a higher RPM allowing for smoother towing. There is a lot that a performance tuner can do for you!

Ask our parts advisors to learn more about performance parts.

Warranty : All of our parts have warranties, our parts advisors can explain you all the different ones depending on the part.