In northern Ontario, outdoors, off-roading, and trucks are part of our lifestyle! If being unique, different, and standing out is important to you, choose from our huge Premium Eastview Accessory inventory or take a look at our pre-build custom trucks. PEAK is Eastview's own custom truck brand. PEAK stands for Premium Eastview Accessory Kit. Lift kit, wheels, performance parts, and graphics - we can build exactly what you want in-house. Of course, our parts advisors can guide you in the process. Either you are looking to buy a new truck or already own one, we can accommodate you. Come see us today for all your custom needs!

Lift Kit

Available for all of our trucks, you can choose from many levelling or lift kits to increase your truck height from 2 inches all the way up to 6 inches.

Increased Ground Clearance

When going off-road or driving on uneven roads, you will have an improved clearance to avoid damaging underneath your truck or even the bumpers and the lower panels. Plus, you will minimize the risk of getting stuck while going on an off-road adventure.

Exploring New Grounds

Want to explore new terrains? Get better clearance, higher traction, a more robust ride, and larger wheels. With a lifted truck you will go farther!

Better Visibility

Driving either on the town roads, the back roads, or off-road, having better visibility is extremely useful in preventing accidents or seeing rocks and bumps.

Larger Tires

When having a lift kit installed, you have the possibility of choosing bigger tires. Not only does it look awesome, but it also delivers better performance. Don't get stuck in mud or snow anymore.

Shock Absorber

We have a variety of shock absorbers that you can choose from. We have brands like Bilstein or original GM Rancho (same found in Chevy Z71 package).

Making a Big Impression

Don't forget the look! You have to admit, a lifted truck is so much nicer.