Northern Ontario, outdoors, off-roading, and trucks are part of our lifestyle! If being unique, different, and standing out is important to you, choose from our huge Premium Eastview Accessory inventory or take a look at our pre-build custom trucks. PEAK is Eastview's own custom truck brand. PEAK stands for Premium Eastview Accessory Kit. Lift kit, wheels, performance parts, and graphics - we can build exactly what you want in-house. Of course, our parts advisors can guide you in the process. Either you are looking to buy a new truck or already own one, we can accommodate you. Come see us today for all your custom needs!

Tires and Wheels

Are you looking to change your rims or stock wheels? From stock to 35 inches and more, we have a large variety of tires and wheels! You can really choose according to your needs! Off-roading, towing, or riding the highway smoothly, we got what you need.

Ground Clearance

Again, like installing a lift kit, bigger tires mean better ground clearance.


More contact surface equals more traction, plus you can choose from a variety of tread that will give you more grip in mud and snow.

Wet Performance

Compared to specialized summer tires, more space between treads will allow the water to flow more easily through the water channels, which will result in increased performance in rainy conditions.

Larger Wheels Equal Larger Tires

Installing custom wheels on your vehicle will permit you to have larger tires, which will allow for better handling. Plus, it will look amazing!