Summer Maintenance Tips: Longer Lasting Battery

A popular belief is that winters are doing the most damage to batteries. In fact, heat and vibrations can cause more damage than cold. Even though false car start happens more often during the winter due to a higher amp demand, the damage is often occurring during the summer.

You can't control the temperature, but there are a couple of things you can do. Here are a couple of tips to help you prevent damage to your battery;

When you are camping or enjoying the sun, it is better to use a dedicated stereo system than listening to the music from your car while the engine is not running. The same thing applies to all electronics. You want your battery to have as much charge as possible. If your battery is often low in charge, combined with the heat, it can cause damage to your battery.

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Heat can cause the battery fluid to evaporate faster, which can lead to corrosion on terminals and connections. Be sure to keep the battery terminals and clamps clean and without corrosive buildup. Also, make sure the clamps are tight enough that they will not move.

The next thing you can do is checking that your battery is well fixed to avoid unnecessary vibrations.

If you would prefer to have a professional take a look at your battery, we do check the battery condition when performing a vehicle health check. Book a service appointment and you won't have to worry about your battery!

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